How deep can we dive?
Using compressed air, our divers can work to a maximum depth of 50m. When breathing a mixture of Helium and Oxygen (Mixed Gas Diving) in accordance with IMCA guidelines we can dive to 75m. Persian Offshore through its partners can also provide saturation diving teams and equipment if required.

Do divers require any training and certificate?
All divers working for Persian Offshore are required to have a diving qualification recognized by IMCA. As the majority of our divers have been trained in South Africa this would be the South African Class 2 Certificate. All divers are required to undergo an annual medical examination. Specialist certification is also available in the fields of underwater welding, inspection work and offshore diver medics.

How many should there be in a diving party?
IMCA guidelines specify that the minimum number for an Air diving team is 5. A diver, a standby diver, two diving tenders and a supervisor. Each dive team should also include two divers trained as diver medics. For Mixed gas diving the minimum is 6.

What equipment is required for an offshore diving operation?
Following IMCA guidelines all offshore diving should utilize surface supply diving equipment. Scuba is deemed too dangerous for any diving operation. Surface supply equipment provides two independent air/gas supplies from the surface, a third emergency supply carried by the diver, hard-wire communications, lights and CCTV. Two of the five members of the team must be qualified as diver medics.

If mixed gas is used a wet bell with an on-board emergency gas supply must be used.
All offshore diving regardless of depth or breathing mixture require that a twin-lock decompression chamber is provided on site.

Is commercial diving regulated by legislation?
Many countries with a history of commercial diving have passed legislation regulating commercial diving activities. This is a relatively new field and in many cases such as the UK came in response to the many diving fatalities in the early 80's in the North Sea.

Many countries do however not have any legislation aimed at commercial diving activities. This gap has been filled by the International Marine Contractors Association, which has provided guidelines in such areas as DP operations, offshore rigging and commercial diving activities. These guidelines have been adopted by the majority of companies involved in offshore work.

It should always be born in mind that where national legislation exists it is not superseded by IMCA guidelines. DNV has also proposed DNV/OS/E402 standards for commercial diving. In the absence of any Iranian legislation, Persian Offshore has adopted both IMCA and DNV guidelines as their standards.

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