Work Invironment

Working within marine projects goes hand in hand with certain hard conditions like separation from family and long hours of nonstop work, which necessitate a resilient and cheerful disposition, perseverance and hard work. The activities at Persian Offshore are handled with great precision and exactitude in a friendly and cordial environment. At this company, there is no place for anyone who is not a team player. All stages of the projects are carried out by the coordinated and collective efforts of a professional team.

Little mistakes can sometimes result in serious, irreparable damages to the entire body of a team activity, not only in terms of financial losses but also actual physical and even fatal injuries for those who are directly involved. Therefore, complying with strict industry standards and regarding each aspect of each activity as an extremely sensitive matter is the basic principle of the team activities at Persian Offshore.

The long durations of time which Project team members spend together on water make them a close knitted family and push them to do their best in their own capacity to complement each other’s tasks and responsibilities within a real team.

Paying special attention to the occupational health and safety of all personnel is another feature of the working environment at Persian Offshore. It would not be possible to employ expert and capable workforce without making the necessary arrangements to provide the highest health and safety standards at their workplace. Meticulous tests are done every year to check the health and physical condition of all employees. Before an employee starts to work on any of the Persian Offshore projects, the station managers inspect his annual check up results to make sure all employees have actually passed the medical tests.

Personnel training is an important item on Persian Offshore’s corporate agenda. In addition to the compulsory trainings such as the quality management system and safety and rescue operations at sea, Persian Offshore has always tried to make it possible for all employees to obtain specialized trainings according to international standards.

Persian Offshore welcomes all those talented and hardworking individuals who are interested in marine professions, especially industrial diving and related fields.

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