Human Resources

Due to the very nature of the business there is no doubt that Persian Offshore's main assets are its personnel. Divers work in small tightly controlled groups far away from logistical and medical support. While all effort is made to minimize and calculate risk, the work always entails some danger. If all members of the team do not trust each other, their supervisors or the quality of their equipment, it is a recipe for disaster. Equipment can be purchased very quickly, however the establishment and training of dive teams takes years. 

We are constantly on the lookout for talented young people who have a positive attitude and who we consider capable of handling the working conditions faced offshore. At present the company runs a program to train young Iranian men who show potential as commercial divers at Diving Schools in SA.

We also hope to train our first Iranian IMCA Diving Supervisors soon.

Persian Offshore is a believer in hiring for ATTITUDE and then providing training for the required skills. Skills can be acquired but attitude is almost impossible to change.

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