Top Managers

Daniel Harvey
Founder and President

Daniel Harvey holds degrees in Business and Law from the universities of Stellenbosch and Cape Town. On the diving side he originally qualified as a Navy Diver during his national service and progressed to obtaining various international commercial diving certifications. Some of the qualifications that he holds are IMCA Diving Supervisor, Closed Bell Diving certificate (France) and Lloyds Underwater Inspector.

He has worked as a commercial diver for over 25 years in countries all around the world. He also founded and ran the world's largest diving school for 10 years. The school trained several thousand commercial divers without any injuries. Many of these graduates now dominate the world commercial diving industry, especially in India and the Middle East.

He is still active in diver training and teaches IMCA learner supervisors.

Soheil Malek Ahmadi
Founder and CEO

Soheil Maled Amadi has been involved in commercial and marine diving since 2001. By 2002 he was employed by Darya Kesh Company as a deputy manager.

In 2004 he was employed by Rah Goshayn e Darya,  as their director of diving projects in the Persian Gulf vicinity. In 2007 he founded Persian Offshore in collaboration with Daniel Harvey.

He is a civil engineering graduate from IAU, Tehran and holds internationally recognised diving and paramedical certificates.

He has extensive experience in offshore construction and working with offshore fabrication teams.

Farnoosh Moalem
Founder and Vice CEO

Farnoosh Moalem is the Vice CEO, Internal Manager and Quality Control Manager at Persian Offshore. Her professional background includes working for Arya Net Telecommunications Company as Vice President and Marketing and Customer Relationship Manager, as well as cooperation with Gam Parak Chemicals Company in quality management department. Since 2006, she has been a member of the board of directors, also the Internal Manager and Quality Control Manager at Persian Offshore Co.

Farnoosh Moalem is a graduate of Applied Chemistry from Azad University.

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